Topic Search for DAX and M

Here is a Topic Search that identifies various resources for the DAX and M

Some are well known, and some are not so well known.

My topic search report begins with a list of search strings which are passed individually to Google Search.

The resulting Google source page is captured and parsed for each search string.

Three sub reports are extracted from the Google source page:

  1. Landing page for each discovered URL.
  2. Title for each discovered URL.
  3. List of Google suggested search terms. Note: Google suggestions are not returned from Google Image searches.

The process begins with the Google “All” search. This search is re-run several times to collect and incorporate new Google search suggestions. Once a fair number of search terms have been processed, the collection of search strings in modified and then processed with the Google Image Search engine. All these uncombined reports are collected to a specific folder. Then the secondary process is executed to aggregate the collection of sub reports.

The five outputs are then collected and posted.

  1. List of the search strings
  2. List of Google Suggestions
  3. Discovered Landing Pages
  4. Discovered URLs and Titles
  5. Complete Report

List of Search Strings

List of Google Suggestions

Landing pages discovered by the Google Searches. Each landing page tabulates the top five search strings that produced the landing page. Scanning this list of landing pages can bring to light new resources. Note that since this is PDF document – each URL is a hyperlink. Some landing page links may not function because I have prefixed “www.” to the landing URL. This prefix may need to be removed. It is also possible that the link may no longer be active.

URLs and Titles –details each discovered URL, giving its title and identifying the search strings that returned the URL. Again, note this is a PDF document hence the URLs are hyperlinks. Double click and your browser will open to the web page.

The workbook that was the source of the other reports is included here in case the user would like to generate focused reports. – note the complete report enables the user to apply the advanced filter capability of Excel to extract detailed results from the report which may contain hundreds of URLs

For more information, contact me