Topic Search Learn Excel VBA

The key to automating Microsoft Excel depends on a mastery of Excel VBA.

Here is a Topic Search that identifies various resources for learning Excel VBA.

Some well known and some not so well known.

My topic search report begins with a list of search strings which are then passed individually to Google Search.

The resulting Google source page is captured and parsed for each search string.

There are three sub reports that are extracted from the Google source page:

  1. Landing page for each discovered URL
  2. Title for each discovered URL
  3. List of Google suggested search terms

Once the list of search terms has been processed, then a secondary process is executed to aggregate the collection of sub reports that were generated for each of the input search terms.

The composite reports are presented here.

Collection of URLs – landing pages listed by the number of occurrences for the individual search strings. Scanning this list of landing pages can bring to light new resources. Note that since this is PDF document – each URL is a hyperlink. Some of the links listed in the search string count PDF may not function because I have prefixed “www.” to the landing URL. This prefix may need to be removed.

Collection of Direct URLs – details of each discovered URL, giving its title and identifying the search string that returned the URL. Again note this is a PDF document hence the URLs are hyperlinks. Double click and your browser will open to the web page.

Collection of Google Suggested Search Terms – note that the reports presented here made use of this feature to expand the original search three times!

The workbook that was the source of the other reports is included here in case the user would like to generate a more focused reports.

Topic Search VBA File System Object FSO

Here is a collection of resources for the File System Object (FSO)

Full Report

Here is a listing of the Direct URLs

Here is a report on the Search String Counts